We have been in Spain for 7 years.  Our business has been established in the Nerja area for 6 years.  We decided to settle here and build a business in the community.



People come and go and leave a house full of furniture.  Our business is based on offering this furniture to newcomers, tourists and residents.


We only sell on good quality household goods and are prices are very good.



Our stock varies throughout the seasons, however at any one time we usually have a large stock of furniture and electrical goods and any other common items such as toasters; anything.


We provide a very cheap delivery service within 15km of Nerja, we just for the cost of the fuel.



We operate our famous 'wanted' list where you can request an item, we will then keep an eye out for it and contact you when it is in stock.



Finally, when it is your time to leave the area, don't pay to dispose of your goods, just contact us and we will pay you to clear your apartment at a time to suit you.

Calle Antonio Millon, Nerja, 29780

Tel 697 276 230